Sunday, September 6, 2015

Google News for the Classroom

Students and teachers will soon have great new additions to our favorite free tools, including Voice Typing -- in our Google Apps for Education.  Look for them in your Google Apps in the coming weeks.

Read original here:  Google Sidekicks

What it Means

Voice Typing: 

Slow at typing? Need to compose an essay? Do it without touching your keyboard! Just activate Voice typing in the Tools menu when you're using Docs in Chrome. When using your phone, just tap the microphone button on your phone’s keyboard. Now all students can easily have access to creating and sharing their ideas.

Google Classroom

I've just started using Google Classroom for student assignments, and now that's even better.  Share to Classroom Chrome extension lets teachers share a website with the entire class at the same time—everyone can jump to a web page together, without dealing with typos. Awesome!

Google Research

Students already use the Research Tool in the Web App, and now there's the Research tool in Docs for Android. You can search within Docs, find the quotes, facts and images you need, and add them.

Collaboration Just Got Easier: New Button on top menu

The new button is "See New Changes." Figure out quickly what and who changed so next steps or questions can be added.


Templates in Docs, Sheets and Slides lets you add pizazz to the look of your work, whether they are reports, portfolios, resumes and other pre-made templates -- they make your life easier. You will find them soon at the top of your Docs, Sheets, and Slides home page.

Forms -- Think Surveys, Quizzes, Formative Assessments

With colorful new themes, customization with your own photo or logo, and forms will even choose the right color palette to match, your forms will take on new life. Insert images, GIFs or videos. Remember that you can pick from a selection of question formats. It's easy! Create your "Exit Ticket" and have the data instantly in a spreadsheet ready for you to assess student needs and next steps.

  Google Sheets is lot smarter:

Use "Explore" in Sheets in the bottom right corner to decipher your data and focus on your point. Check out Explore help and learn how to create charts and insights automatically. Visualize trends and understand your data in seconds on the web. It's pretty awesome if you're a data person. TPEP student growth data just got easy to analyze and share!

So, whether a student or staff member, take a little time to learn something new, once these tools pop up in your Google Apps for Education!

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Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.