Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is a blog?

Sometimes we see something, we hear the word, and still we wonder: What is a blog?

@Edublogs helps us understand with this video:

Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

CCSS Assessment with Edmodo and Snapshot

What is one of my student's favorite activities last year? Answering prompts for reading and writing in Edmodo.

What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a free, secure, social learning platform for teachers, students, schools and districts, providing a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content and access homework, grades and school notices. The goal is to help educators harness the power of social media to customize the classroom for each and every learner.

Welcome to nsdeagles.edmodo !  This free platform allows us to communicate and collaborate in one place. Our Google Apps work with Edmodo. Over 8,000,000 students and teachers include Edmodo as their learning management platform to connect locally with staff and students, and to connect globally with online colleagues and classes. Here are directions for signing up. Ms Reidt, Mrs Corwine, and Mr. Erickson are already signed up!

The platform allows us to create groups for teachers and for students. As you can  see, it has a Facebook-like interface.Here's an overview created by a teacher:

 This year I am incorporating Edmodo's new tool for teachers [free for teachers] called Snapshot. It is free for teachers, and if districts want a more complete version, that has a cost.

Snapshot allows me to choose Common Core State Standards Assessments on grade levels 3-12 and track student progress. Here's a quick overview.  I'm also signing up for training here.

This is a powerful way to engage students in learning with projects and for objectives and goals. Take a look!

Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.