Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Try Google This Summer

Try Google Apps this summer -- play around with our apps and see what they can do.

This  learning GoGoogle Site updates automatically, so just click the links -- try a video or read about Mail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Sites.

These are just the basics.  Google Apps have powerful add-ons and collaborative aspects built in.

It's part of the world today to connect on Facebook, but there's so much more, and our students expect us to teach in ways that interest and are relevant to their lives. Let's build that into our school's curriculum through the power and collaboration of Google Apps.  

Try the sites below to learn more. Note: If you are on an iPad, you will need a Flash Browser to view the Interactive Tours. Puffin Flash is $3.99  and  Photon Flash is $4.99 [click the lightning bolt. 
and How To use these browsers


Google page: Overview

Google Drive / Docs

Interactive tour of Google Drive [Docs]  Note: our domain name is nsdeagles.org

About Drive/ Docs: Think about our classroom supply list -- it's a Google doc like this one so we can all add the information in one place [from any internet connected computer]. Documents are all private unless you share them.  You can share to view only or to comment only or to edit. You can share with one person, the whole district, anyone with a link [like this one], or to the public. It's your choice, and all your work is saved, even if your computer crashes.  And, instead of 20 different emails, you have one document. I do almost everything in Google Drive unless I need Pages [Mac] for layout. Did you know you can save anything to your Drive? Photos, pdfs, Word, Excel, etc.  And there it will be, safe for you when you need it.  Play with documents this summer; you'll be glad you did.

Here are examples of assignments for my students using Google Apps. Notice they direct the students to make a copy.

Argument: Hero or Traitor?
Persuasive Letter Template
Figurative Language [now view only] where all students worked on the same document

Instructions to Teachers on Introduction Practice using Google Docs


Interactive tour for Calendar


Interactive tour of Gmail  Info about Contacts


Interactive tour of Hangouts [ I love these 10-person video chats, and often connect with people from around the world to discuss and plan educational projects.]


Learn about Google Sites  My class opens up to my website for assignments. LAGoals [2013-14] Write [2012-2103].  Grade Eight students created this website about Tornadoes.

Self-Graded Quizes and Exit Slips  / Google Forms

Yes, you can create self-graded quizes using Google Forms and Flubaroo.  Here are resources for learning how to do this:

Flubaroo -- links to blogs of directions and a video
Flubaroo -- For Pete's Sake blog
Elections, Statistics, Etc with Google Forms

Here's my Google Form example: Reading Notes
The student responses fill a spreadsheet that I can print out and confer with students. Click image to enlarge; names are blacked out.

Other Excellent Learn Apps Resources

Here are Dr. Wesley Fryer's excellent resources: Google Apps Presentations 2014

Check out Eric Curts's site App User Group.  For instance, learn about how Google Presentations can be an interactive story or a quiz.

Mike Reading's iTunes podcasts.

Google Apps for the iPad

Google Drive

Google Tasks [ this is the one I use for TPEP -- documenting collaboration; I bought the Pro version] 

Google Sheets

Google Apps for iOS

How about Gooru Learning?

If you click on the Apps Icon [the p squares to the left of your name], and click "More," you can choose Gooru [ lower left in image], a platform through your Google account to find and organize lessons gathered from all over the Internet.  Here's is a link to a search I did for "argument." You can see the CCSS standards are marked. I can gather the lessons I need into a collection and provide a link for the students. It's awesome.

I've used this for student iSearch and Genius Projects based on their interests. I search for their interests and provide them with choices I know will be appropriate and accurate. That way, students still have choices, but I know what they are searching for will be valid.

Go ahead -- login to your account, go to Gooru, and start searching and collecting for next year.

Have a go this summer -- Learn your Google Apps!

Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.

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Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.