Sunday, May 18, 2014

#WaTeachLead Tweet Up I wasn't there

So excited to meet fantastic teacher leaders meeting to learn about Twitter, Common Core State Standards, and TPEP teacher evaluation.

I was not there. I was not in the room for the Tweet Up. I stumbled upon an amazing group of educators. Just by checking out a hashtag. This is the hashtag: #WaTeachLead

While watching my Saturday morning Classroom 20 Live with @coffeechugbooks Aaron Mauer to learn about student voice and project based learning, I saw a tweet with the hashtag #WaTeachLead which led me to a Tweet Up with Washington State teachers at Puget Sound Educational Service District. Here's PSESD's invitation, including Why Twitter: Most Powerful Professional Learning Network.

What an honor to "listen" and "chat" with such an amazing group of educators dealing with the same issues of #CCSS Common Core and teacher evaluation. In addition, many were introduced to Twitter 101: your own personal learning network of educators. It was awesome. The information below this post shares our chat and their Prezi. Here is the Twitter Handout.

Notice I said "our chat," because although I was not at the Tweet Up at PSESD, I could still learn and participate through Twitter. How awesome is that? I've met many fellow language arts middle school teachers as well as others. Now in Washington State teachers have a way to share and learn together about the mandates added to their journey as teachers, and that makes the path more open and less intimidating. It's not a jungle out there, it's a community.  To follow the community, I discovered a "tagboard" to keep track of hashtags, and created one for hashtag #WaTeachLead here: Tagboard. It curates the chat and any tweets in between because it updates. As you can see, we teachers are stepping forward and leaving footprints, a digital path of discourse in a democratic society. Amazing, isn't it?

So, I've dusted off this old blog, ready to start again. NSD in the 21st Century: things have changed. I hope you follow @PSESDLiteracy to learn more about these issues and to follow hashtag #WaTeachLead.  Visit their CORElaborate site to learn more. From these you will find many more  people to follow on Twitter. Please follow me at @nsdedwards. 

If you are an NSD teacher, I hope you create your Twitter account [ I'll guide you -- just ask ] following our protocol of nsd+lastname [  example: nsdedwards ].  We can use the hashtag #nsd14ed .

This is a journey we don't need to take alone. Thank you #WaTeachLead and others for the encouragement and support. Yes, I wasn't physically there, but I was "there." 


Here's a record of the chat:

Additional Resources:
Edudemic's Guide to Hashtags
Cybraryman's Twitter Chat Info

Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.


  1. Thanks so much for blogging about our Tweet-up! Thank you as well for virtually joining us. I actually circled the room a few times because I wanted to meet you in person, but then I realized you had joined us online :)

    1. Thanks Maren, I was so thankful to see the tweet about this #WaTeachLead chat because I haven't found many WA State teachers on Twitter or involved much in social media, which is where I find so many connections and resources that inspire my teaching and help improve student learning. My students have been involved in #teach2blog and improving their writing skills because of my Twitter PLN: personal learning network. You Twitter 101 teachers are in for a great experience, and I'm so glad to have "met" them! Thanks for stopping by.


Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.