Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tweet and Test

Sharing: A powerful strategy for extending the conversation about teaching and learning. Today, we share through twitter, blogging, Facebook, Flickr, Ning communities, wikis, Google Apps, and many more.

I followed the above tweet to view Principal Amy's video blog post on my iPhone. That didn't work, so I checked my original iPad. That time the video worked but no sound. I tried a new iPad -- didn't work at all.

So I wondered, since my students want to video blog and we use Macs in our classroom, how will this iMovie work?

I have a shortcut I use with students now: we use a Keynote template, and record in Photo Booth. We drag that into our Keynote, and save that as a movie, which I upload to Vimeo and embed in our blog. (See Book Talks )

Vimeo is a great solution  because it is usually not blocked by schools. It also allows you to choose the title frame and other security features. For iPad users, Vimeo provides HTML5 rendition so anyone on any device can view it.  In addition, you can also directly upload to your account from iMovie, a great benefit.

If YouTube is not blocked at your school, that is another option within iMovie, and connects to your Google Apps for Education account if you are a Google Apps school.

Here are my solutions:

iMovie created and uploaded to Vimeo:

If your school is a GAFE school, you can upload to Picasa as a Google Video. The quality is not as good. I exported it as a Quicktime Movie in mpeg-4 format, then uploaded it to Picasa.

Google Video

You can see the difference in quality. In addition, it doesn't seem to work on iDevices like iPads, and you cannot choose the title frame. So YouTube and Vimeo are the best choices. Remember too, that with Google Video, you only have 1GB of space in GAFE for photos and videos.

So, from a tweet from a twitter-friend, I have learned a little more about sharing with technology.

If you have any suggestions, please comment so we may all learn.


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