Thursday, August 16, 2012

Join Us -- Extend the Conversation!

"Extend the Conversation...  Have you joined twitter? Are you lurking on the sidelines to learn from others? 

Are you retweeting? Have you started blogging? Are you participating in the Connected Educator's Month Blogging Challenge? Between tweeting and blogging, I know have many new friends and colleagues all over the world, including Denice Krebs, and my life has been energized ever since. 

Denise and I have collaborated with our classrooms and students. Whether it's blogging or Google Docs, our students have been connected, and we as teachers have reflected on how access to the Internet and technology has improved both our professional and our students' lives. 

We have created and curated a Flickr TFotoFri group ... but there's so much more to share about our stories: How do you become a connected educator -- and why? 

That's our next project: sharing our story of connection -- and how you, too, can become a digital learner, a connected educator. Thanks to Karen Fasimpaur at P2PU for encouraging and sponsoring us.  Join us this Saturday, August 18th at 10:00 AM Pacific and 1:00 PM Eastern for Connected Educator's Month to learn how you can Extend the Conversation. Denise share's a bit here: Join Us! and here are two trailers to pique your interest:  

Will you join us? 

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Monday, August 6, 2012

I want to be better

I want to be better. I know my colleagues do too. We've sat around dinner tables together sharing ideas and planning ways to improve our teaching through our many years together.

I want to be better. I saw this tweet from Will Chamberlain and thought it was so important, I retweeted it and took a snapshot of it.

I want to be better. So I spend time reading, searching, discussing, learning, taking webinars, joining groups, and trying new technologies that just might ignite that spark of personal learning for my students.  Because that's where we're headed: personalized or personal learning.

My summer time on my own is my personal learning, but it is really for my family, my classroom, my students, and my peers. It's because I want to be better.

I need to be better. I need to be ready.

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I know my colleagues have been learning and thinking and resting too. I hope they share their learning with others. And have you seen what’s happening at Connected Educator Month? Here are a few places you can go, courtesy of my  P2PU Connected Educator Group.  
Which one will you attend?
Common Core
Web Resources
 And here's a Classroom 20 exclusive: LiveBinder of Free Professional Development

I want to be better; I need to be ready. Here's a post on my summer learning written for my PLN.

How about you? What has your personalized learning looked like this summer?

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August 1st and you may be *thinking* about the new year.

Did you know the Department of Education is sponsoring "Connected Educator Month?" Starting today FREE online learning events are scheduled just for you as an educator:

Look around and try something. Dare to jump in and learn. Enjoy meeting and learning with educators just like you from around the US.

Try one thing. Enjoy!

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