Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photo Magic

We're all excited about our new skills with our iPad. We learned how to snap pictures, edit them, add them to and arrange and design the images in our new app Photo Collage.  Photo Collage is an easy app for creating a snapshot image of an event or learning. Then email it to Sheri for posting on the blog, or upload it to your own blog.

Look at the great representation of our Women's History Bulletin Board, created by our own Mrs. Armstrong-Montes.  These collages show the power of design on both the bulletin board and in the collages that focus on selected items of importance to Women's History Month.
Thanks, Nancy, for your vision in creating a space to honor the holidays.

We're putting our stamp on tech use at our school.  Ms. Sanger's students are using the camera on her iPads to take pictures around the school and talk about them.  Their communication skills are improving, and we are able to see how they see the world.

Think about how easy it is now to document student learning in the classroom, to share a special event, and to design a collage that interprets the important aspects of it.

Think of the speaking, writing, and content learning that can occur: choose the best image for large display and explain why; explain your four choices of images -- how do they sum up the story or article; what inspiration might be drawn from your image?

Our school newsletter needs input from you and your students --- think how easy it will be for your students to choose the images, design the collage, and explain in the email you send with the collage exactly the learning that the collage emphasizes.

Will's science collage clearly shows science happens at our school.  With a blurb about what the picture represents, this will easily become a story in our newsletter.

So follow these steps:
1. Snap photos of learning
2. Arrange them in a collage
3. Save to your Photos
4. Email to Sheri with a paragraph explaining the picture.

Share your class learning please; here's a reminder created with "Show Me" - here.

Thank you for helping us share the successes of our learning in our newsletter to the community.

iPad class three successfully demonstrated one easy way to use iPads in the classroom.

This Wednesday, March 14th is our fourth iPad class.  Click this link:  iPad Class Information, scroll down to below the chart, and read the agenda for this week. We will focus on iCloud and Dragon Dictation with a few navigation tips. Bring your questions and your own ideas and apps to share.

Advanced users:

Read and research the apps from power teacher Silvia Tolisano

And review apps in EdTechTeacher by objective: I want my students to...

App: GWhiz -- Google Apps

Eagle Apps
video for class about GWhiz

What can you share about the apps you've reviewed?  How can we implement them in the classroom?

See you Wednesday!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPad Session 3

iPad Class Session 3

When I want to set an iPad up for student use, what do I do?

How do I take photos and send them?

During this class we will learn to add restrictions to our iPads for student use.

We will try photographic techniques with our cameras, and review our settings, navigation, and NSD Staff apps.

For a video review, go to our iPad Class videos at Vimeo

On our NSD Staff page (log in required), see the link "iPad Class Resources" for all links and documents. The session three document: Click link on your iPad -- iPadS2aaa --and open in iBooks.

For our advanced users: Sign up for an Evernote account (free) and then click the Evernote Resources on the NSD Staff  "iPad Class Resources" page. Click the links for resources and app reviews. The "livebinder" links contain many resources, and the "Apps in Education" blog is fantastic for subject related apps.

How do you evaluate apps for education?  Here's Tony Vincent's take: Evaluate Apps. A rubric is provided -- open in iBooks on your iPad. Explore, learn, and share with us.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Untethered iPad Projection

Is it true? Is there an easy way to project your iPad onto the screen without being tethered to a VGA cable?

Yes!  If your projector is connected to a Mac.  Most of us have a Mac in the classroom; if you do, here's how:

Connect your Mac to your projector.

On your Mac, install and open the $14.99 app "Reflection" from reflectionapp.com (see your Tech Director).

On your iPad, select AirPlay and choose that Mac computer (it will show up in your options.)

Watch this video to see how:


If you are in charge of creating professional development technology videos, you can also use SnagIt (Windows and Mac) to record a screencast of the iPad process, which is how I created this video.

Now, if you use your iPad to share with your students, you now have a way to do so without being tethered to your iPad through the VGA cable!

What do you think?

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