Friday, February 24, 2012

Google For Educators

Experts share "Google for Educators." This is a great read for how teachers use Google Apps for Education.

Click here to read,
  Google Apps Google Docs Google Groups
"Google For Educators in the Classroom."
 Google in Education Manage events, resources, meetings with Google Calendar 

Our students understand and apply the power of Google Apps. I wonder now, "How has Google Apps empowered the teachers at your school?"

 As a small school, each teacher wears so many hats and has so little time to for completing all that is required and expected. Google Apps helps with that by allowing us to add input in a shared document:
* this means that everyone can stay in their own area and still contribute.
* this means you can help someone else get their work completed, which needs your input, in a few easy clicks
* this means you spend less time in meetings and more time on your work
* this means we can honor each others' job and time by contributing and collaborating through a link to a document
* this means we can create a powerful network of communication and collaboration through the tools at our fingertips.

A few examples:
I teach classes all day once reading starts at 9:00. That is my number one priority. I also am the Association President, the Technology Director, and a member of the Parent Education Committee.

My room is at the west end of the building. Many times I need to ask a simple question or get input for any one of those "hats." I can simply enter a query into Google Chat so people can respond easily in their free moments. More could be accomplished with that tool alone.

Getting feedback from a Google document or Google form quickly provides the information needed to complete tasks required. I couldn't do everything I need to do without these tools.

The Tech Committee uses a shared document to meet -- our conversation and decisions are documented, all while meeting "in the cloud" as the team member has time during the day/week. It doesn't interfere with all the teaching duties and take time from class preparation.

Tech questions get answered through a Google Form. (log in required -- but here's a sample: )

Planning assemblies, creating an assignment sheet for sick students, organizing a recognition, sharing data: all can be done on a shared document accessible from any internet-connected computer or iPad.

A request by the school board for a newsletter about our students and classrooms could be populated easily with a paragraph from teachers in a Google form. (login required)

Scheduling is easy through the Staff Events calendar (see agenda in Staff Page ). Our math and reading specialists add their meetings and visits so everyone is prepared for the visit, which is vital to their jobs. (Calendar login required, but here's the public calendar: NSD)

The Opportunity Room receives information from teachers through a Google form.

Parents know about our class lessons in our blog.

All of these are a seamless integration of our Google Apps account.

Google Apps will save you time and will help us do more with the time we have. 

So, I thank our staff for opening their Chrome browser (Ms Kimble or Ms Edwards will make sure you have it) and logging in to their account!

We are learning to work smarter and do more for our students with GAFE: Google Apps for Education.

How has GAFE empowered your school?

Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.


  1. Great use of GAFE with your staff and students! I am still trying to get my teachers accustomed to the many resources it has.
    Just recently, many of our teachers presented at a Tech Fest and used Google Presentation (some for the first time) to collaborate and present last week.
    I was unable to see the google form and calendar, but I like the way your school uses them efficiently!
    I would like to share your uses with our staff, so maybe they can get ideas as well!
    Thanks again,
    Theresa Allen

  2. Hi Theresa, I updated the post to show which links are for our staff only (log in required), which is part of the beauty of Google Apps -- public and private venues as needed. I also added a sample form for readers.

    I'm glad you and your staff are venturing into GAFE -- it is not an easy process for non-tech teachers, but one step at a time, each teacher takes the opportunity to learn something new. I hope these ideas do provide some ideas for your staff also, and that they will come back and share with us. Kudos to them for diving in and sharing, some for the first time! That's amazing!

    Do you know about the Google Regional Groups? They are wonderful for info and responses:

    Thanks for sharing with us. Sheri


Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.