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Pooka, Citizenship, and Flashcards

A walk with Pooka provides a review of citizenship to create a How To on flashcards with technology, which is the goal of NSD 21.

Flashcards help students learn basic and complex concepts; it's a game that helps them learn. How can technology help?

Four apps:  Google Spreadsheet, gFlash+ (Google Flashcards), Evernote and Evernote Peek

This post explains  gFlash+ (Google Flashcards) used with Google Spreadsheets with a gadget called Flashcard Gadget.

I chose our 4Bs as the content for the flashcards.

Pooka and Citizenship

Today, as I walked Pooka, I dictated into my free iPhone iPd app, Dragon Dictation, explanations for staff and students on the Four Bs: Be kind, Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Productive. Dragon Dictation translates my voice into text which I emailed to myself.

With that email and Google Docs, I simply added the punctuation and links: 4Bs_Document

A review of digital citizenship:
Be kind
Writing text on the phone, in e-mail, on webpages doesn't carry forth the intonation of your voice, the smile on your face, the gesture with your hands. Choose words carefully so that their intent is what you wish. This is one of the most important rules that we follow with students and also for adults. Be overly positive and overly friendly whenever using just text. Be kind. 

Be safe
Be safe when using your education account, or when conducting your professional or personal internet work. Always be aware of those trying to phish for your information. Look on the district website for Internet safety guidelines and videos, including one for phishing by trolls looking for your information. Remember when using district devices always use your most professional stance. safe. 
Be respectful
Be respectful and remember to use courtesy and manners. Take time to word your response. Consider every interaction one that requires your professionalism. Be kind, be respectful, and be safe: these three work together while you conduct your online interactions.  Your digital footprint is one for which our school is represented in a positive manner. Every comment, tweet, post, e-mail, website is a digital footprint, a path back to you; prepare your path wisely. resepctful.
Be productive
Gather and connect your data in relevant ways. Communicate clearly and intelligently. Technology  works for you-- connecting your ideas, your work, your peers, your life. Discover the tech tools that work for you, your work, your students, your community, and share them with others. Be productive.

Next, I opened a new spreadsheet and titled it "School Guidelines." In column A, I input the 4Bs and in column B I pasted in the textual explanations and links:

Next I choose "insert" ---> Gadget ---> Flashcard gadget

I scrolled to the flashcard gadget and added it to the spreadsheet:

I was asked for the correct settings. The settings should be listed as

sheetname ! first column and cell : last column and cell
On my sheet that was "4bs!A1:B5"

Your sheet will probably be called Sheet1 and will already be listed in the settings with the !
Just add A1: with your last cell number

You will then want to put the flashcard gadget in its own sheet.  Find the triangle on the gadget next to the "Gadget" and choose "Move to own sheet."  

Find the tabs at the bottom of your spreadsheet. I renamed Sheet1 to 4Bs by clicking on the title of the tab, and going to "rename." I clicked out of the tab, then grabbed the Gadget tab and moved it over to be the first tab.  The image below shows the tabs and the flashcards with the first answer checked.

Putting the Gadget tab first will link directly to the flashcards when you share your flashcards. Just go to Share, then make it public to the web. Copy the link and email it to yourself or put it on your school website or blog.

Here's the finished flashcards:   4Bs Flashcards

gFlash+  (Free)

Download and install on your iPad the gFlash+  App.  Open it.

You'll first open to a message about possible connection issues -- click OK.

Next, click "Add"  --- the plus button on the lower left.  Next choose "Google Docs" and log in.

Choose your flashcard spreadsheet (School Guidelines at top right) and download it.

It will appear in your list below the sample flashcards.

Look through the settings for various display modes: full page, quiz, etc.

For Visual Learners

HowTo ScreenCast: -- How to Create Flashcards in Google Spreadsheet
Jing FlashcardsGoogleSpreadsheet video

How to add your spreadsheet to gFlash+     
 ExplainEverything gFlash+   Open mp4 file.

Easy. Fun. Ready for kids as is or in gFlash. 


Google Docs Flashcards: Figurative Language FC
Evernote Notebook: Figurative Langauge FC

What will you think of while walking your dog?

What Flashcards will/did you create?


Explain Everything is $2.99 in the App Store. The screencasts you create can be shared with Evernote, Dropbox, YouTube, email, your PhotoRoll.

Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.

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Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.