Monday, December 26, 2011

iGoogle = yourGoogle

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Wouldn't it be nice to login to your own Home Page, with links to the things important to you? on every computer, iPhone, and iPad?

Where your gmail, docs, tasks, etc. are in one place?

Where the weather, sports scores, and news are right there?

In our busy days, a glance at the computer or mobile device can provide just the reassurance and instant information that keeps collaboration, communication, lessons, and data current.

The answer: iGoogle

The image below is My iGoogle home page which shows:

  • At the top: A theme I chose that looks like my desk area.
  • On the left are tabs, which are different pages, and my chat box.
  • I have chosen a three-column layout; 
  • Each column is filled with gadgets: gtasks, gmail, google docs, date and time (more than one area), weather (for the cities I choose), sticky notes, and three sets of a gadget called "Box of Links." With those, I can quickly access my frequently used websites:, etc.

Here's another tab, "OurSchool" with the gadget Google Reader, which fetches and displays the posts and comments from teacher, student, and partner blogs and comments so that we always are current in our reading, writing, and commenting. Notice the theme is different, but on the left are still my tabs and my chat.

How do you get an iGoogle?  With your Google/Gmail account logged in, just type in:  For our staff, a link on the right side of the page will take you to your iGoogle.

That will take you to your iGoogle Home Page so you can personalize it with the tabs/pages and their gadgets that display the information that you need and want.


Here's a presentation just for you to learn how to personalize your iGoogle Home Page:

For visual learners:
The second slide in the Google presentation above provides links to screencast videos and to images that also explain how to personalize your iGoogle.

Part 1: Intro (created with Jing on computer)

Part 2: Add gadgets  
A series of six video lessons on iGoogle on the iPad 
created on iPad with educreation interactive whiteboard app

Apps: Evernote and Skitch

Enjoy personalizing your iGoogle Home Page !

More about iGoogle:

App Credits:

Google Apps:
Google Presentation (old version)

Screencasts and images were created and shared with the following free apps:
  • screencasts created on the computer by Jing (I do have a Pro account)
  • screencasts created on the iPad with interactive whiteboard app; share on computer
  • posters created in Evernote Skitch and shared with iPad/Computer App Notebook Evernote
First two images in blog: Snagit (screencaptures on computer-- not free) 

Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.

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Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.