Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Figurative Language Lessons

We've taught these a million times (hyperbole). We're like robots constantly repeating the requirements (simile/alliteration). The students are empty slates, wiped clean after each lesson (metaphor). Aarrrrrgggg! (onomatopoeia)

What if students could practice and practice, sitting quietly in a cozy brown rocker in the back of the classroom or laughing together with an iPad flashcard game learning together? Perhaps the student is home, sitting at the kitchen counter with a laptop or iPad, calling out questions to auntie as they ready for dinner. (imagery)

How easy could that be?

If you've learned how to create flashcards with Google Spreadsheet and Flashcard gadget, it is easy.

Our writing students have access at school and at home 24/7 to the document to read and the flashcards to study.

And, with apps for teacher and student on the iPad and online, we can review and test with easily created practice sessions and graded tests. engages students "through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets." Read about it here: How It Works.

Right now the beta version is free!  Easy to create your own games, quizes, exits slips online; students can log in on any device with a browser to respond. Quizes can be opened as Google Spreadsheets already graded!  

Combined with the practice of Google Flashcards, Socrative apps provide engaging learning activities that just might be played a million times! And learning? We all learn more with games and fun!

Try it. Sign up today and download the teacher and student apps to get started.

I'm ready for January 4th for Figurative Language review.

Try these Google Flashcards: Figurative Language FC

 What could you create for your class?

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Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.