Monday, October 17, 2011

October Newsletter

Welcome to NSD21:
Technology for 
21st Century Learners
October Newsletter

Technology for Teachers

Google Calendars: The Nespelem School District Calendar on the homepage contains important school and sports dates for the community. The Staff Events calendar is updated by teachers, coordinators and consultants to provide school-wide access to all events to prevent conflicts. Staff access the Sub Days calendar to plan scheduled leaves.

Google Voice: Staff connect to each other through our Google Account when phones are not working.

Google Forms: Staff Opportunity Slips, printer needs, printer data, technology needs are handled through Google Forms.

Technology for Students

Google Docs Collaboration: Two schools in Iowa and our school collaborated in Language Arts (Grades 6, 7, 8) to create Parts of Speech presentations to teach others the eight parts of speech. In Google Docs, teams from all schools planned, designed, and implemented projects to explain a part of speech. Student projects included videos, books (Keynote or Google Presentation), and songs (in Photo Booth or Garage Band).

Global Read Aloud 2011: Students in grades 6, 7, 8 read and responded to Natalie Babbitt’s Tuck Everlasting with schools around the world, and in particular, our partner school in North Carolina. 

Google Docs and Skype: Students in Grades 6, 7, 8 on Friday, September 30th, asked questions via Skype to Washington State University doctoral student Jeff Bowman in Antarctica. Jeff answered questions for almost an hour and was impressed with the quality of questions. To prepare, students completed assignments in science and reading. In science class, Mr Johnson shared a Google Presentation assignment with students who then researched and created their own presentations and questions about Antarctica. In Language Arts we read Mr. Bowman’s blogs and reading assignments in Ms. Edwards’s class blog

 “Wow. Mr. Bowman is our ‘man from the future.’” ~ a student. Antarctica is 19 hours ahead of us in time -- he spoke to us from tomorrow. We conducted a time/science lesson in reading class to understand this. Read more here.

Blogs: Students in four schools, Nespelem, Florida, New Jersey, and England join in blogging and commenting on various topics at our Eagles Write blog. 

Our 6, 7, 8 students blog about geography, books, and putting a “ding” in the universe, as Steve Jobs did. Our last post received 163 comments so far.  

Ms Edwards

Technology in the Lab

Fall testing for NWEA is complete. Betty Brueske did a fantastic job scheduling and working with the kids!

Mary Jane Ross, William Johnson and I are working together to get ready for the MBA's. We went to two trainings in Soap Lake for DataDirector training. Our first testing benchmark will be November 7th - 10th and will be taken with paper and pencil and then we will go to online testing for the following two benchmark assessment testing dates.

Computer classes are going very well. The kids are working hard on Math Connects and Keyboarding. As I'm getting to know each of the kids a little better, I see great improvement in their keyboarding skills and challenging them to achieve high standards. The kids are amazing and an absolute joy to work with. The kindergarten class is doing so well learning the computers and have been working with Starfall, which is a wonderful program for kindergarten. They are so in-tuned to the variety of things they can do with this program, that is hard to believe there are 24 li'l ones in the class.

Sheri Edwards and I are working closely to stay on the same page with Technology and she has been so helpful and appreciated. She is a joy to work with.

The before-school program has been a huge success and the computer lab has been completely full most mornings. It's been an amazing experience to get to know these students on many different levels.

Ms. Kimble

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September Newsletter

Welcome to NSD21:
Technology for 
21st Century Learners

September Newsletter

A huge thank you for giving me this grand opportunity to work with such a caring & wonderful School Board, Staff, awesome kiddos and a terrific community. It is an extreme pleasure to work for you and I thank you again for this opportunity.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first couple of weeks, getting to know the students & staff. In the Tech Lab the students and I have focused on Keyboarding and Math Connects.
I am working closely with Betty Brueske preparing for the NWEA Testing that is rapidly approaching. Mary Jane Ross and I are developing our Math Benchmark Assessments.

Jenny Kimble
Technology Coordinator Report

To ease into our new lab expectations, the older students in grade six helped out the younger students during the first week of school “specials” time in the computer lab.

Bulletins are available on a bulletin blog ( ).

Staff are creating a collaborative Google calendar to track school activities and trainings. Mrs. Dickey has updated the sports page and is adding sports events to the district calendar on the district webpage. ( )

Staff will begin sharing events for the school newsletter through a Google form the grade eight students will use to write the newsletter stories. So along with our new reading curriculum, our staff and students also continue to learn our technology communication skills.

Sheri Edwards
Technology Director Report

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