Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Five Tips for New Bloggers

I hear this often, "I know about blogging, but what do I have to offer? How would I start?"

One of my blogging "friends," Nancy Carroll (Twitter @ncarroll24 ), created a VoiceThread and asked her PLN (Personal/professional Learning Network) to offer advice to new bloggers. Another Twitter friend, Denise Krebs added her idea and invited me. That's what Twitter and Blogging is all about: Learn and share together.

So, I'm sharing, thanks to Nancy and Denise who inspired me to think about it.

 Five Tips for New Bloggers

1. Dive in. Don't wait. Blog how this is your first try -- share your interests -- and ask questions.

2. Join Twitter, a microblogging platform using only 140 characters. Share your posts there. Use a hashtag link in your tweet ( #ebshare or #ntchat ) so others with blogging interests see and read your blog.  Follow others. Do a search for those hashtags to read others' tweets.

3. From Twitter, link to others' blogs and read them. Leave comments that carry on the conversation by adding something new  about the topic and asking a question.

4. Join a challenge. Just Google "edublogs challenge" and you will find a link. One should start in September and one starts in March.

5. Find your passion: as you read and comment on others' work, you will find your own voice -- write your own ideas and link back to another's post. Let the blogger know you were inspired by their idea by commenting in their post with a link to yours. If you are starting to blog with students, I recommend asking them to spend time reading and commenting with quality on other student blogs before they blog on their own.

So, new bloggers -- enjoy the blogging world. Just dive in, tweet, read, comment, and post.

As you learn, come back here with a tip of your own for new bloggers.

Sheri Edwards @grammasheri on Twitter

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