Monday, May 30, 2011

Six Summer Blogging Ideas

A great question from one of our new teacher bloggers: What can I blog about this summer?

1.  Since we are all reading teachers, how about investigating one of these sites, and providing some tips for families using links and ideas from these sites and your own professional strategies.

2. How about reading about literacy for professional development or planning for next year? Use your blog to explain the how and why of literacy learning.

3.  Try a new web-tool and write about how it could apply in your classroom.

4.  Build your Personal Learning Network -- read Silvia's post on PLNs. Then sign-up for one of the groups. Check out the members and start a conversation. Write about what you learned and your new PLN on your blog.

5. Read and comment on others' blogs. Write about the ideas and link back to the blog that inspired you.

Some interesting blogs:  Including his famous Interesting Ways Series

6.  Participate in some project and blog about what you have learned, how to apply to your classroom or life, and what the next steps are.

June July August Photo Project by my friend Paula Naugle

Please add ideas in the comments: What should I blog out this summer?

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  1. You could also go to Virtual Summer Camp and blog about your digital camp adventures!

    Check the second tab in the binder for the all new 2011 Virtual Summer Camp! (There's even one in there for kids!)

    -Mike Fisher
    @fisher1000 on Twitter

  2. Thanks, Mike

    I highly recommend Mike's LiveBinder Summer Camp at

    Virtual Summer Camp

    Here's just one vocabulary page from the Vocab 2.0 site related to Marzano's recommendations:

    12 Words

    Thanks again, Mike


Please remember this is a school-related site. Model digital citizenship. Thank you.